Here at Accent Roofing, we get a lot of questions about the best time to replace your roof in Georgia. We love when homeowners ask because it means they’re engaged in the process! Roof replacement is always most successful and streamlined when everyone knows what to expect.

Our overall answer is that Fall is the best time of year to replace your roof.

More specifically, October is the best month of the year to have a new roof installed.

Why Fall?

Because fall weather in Georgia is picture-perfect, of course! Fall is the season all professional roofers in North Georgia gear up for all year long. Not only are weather patterns generally predictable and mild, but winter isn’t far away. We don’t get a lot of severe winter weather here in Georgia but we get enough that having a sub-par roof during this time of year can actually be dangerous. Not to mention energy inefficient! Fall is the best time to get a good deal on roof replacement (roofers have extra materials in stock in advance of the “busy season”) and to schedule your roof work when it’s convenient for you (roofers are usually well-staffed this time of year.)

But Why October, Specifically?

Statistically, October has the driest weather of any month in the state of Georgia. Rainfall totals for north Georgia over a period of 30-years show that only about 3.5 inches of rain are expected for the month; the drier the weather, the more quickly, efficiently, and successfully a roof can be replaced.

October is also one of the few months of the year here in GA where you may or may not need to use much HVAC. In general, temperatures are cool and although roof replacements don’t always leave homes “exposed” to the elements for long (particularly when you’re working with an experienced, professional roofer!), it always wastes less energy when a roof can be replaced while the HVAC system is off.

And let’s be honest…there’s always great football on just about every day of the week now during October, so there’s plenty to keep you busy while your new roof’s being installed!

But What About the Leaves?

Great question! You don’t have to worry much about leaves falling into your home while your roof is being replaced as long as you’re working with a contentious installer. Tarps and other coverings are always used to protect the contents of your home from exposure during an install. Remember that when you have your roof replaced, your gutter system will need to be attended to as well. If most of the leaves on your trees have already fallen, great! Your gutters can be cleaned at the same time you have your roof replaced. If they haven’t? You want to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year, preferably twice a year anyway, so you’ll want to have that done regardless of if or when you get a new roof.

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