Summer is hard on your roof. It’s hard on everyone’s! And here in Georgia, summers are particularly brutal. They’re one of the busiest seasons for roof repairs and maintenance work because they’re often when problems arise.

If you’ve been putting off having your roof inspected by a professional roofer in GA, don’t wait. Here’s how this summer has already taken a toll on your roof.

Humidity Leads to Mildew
It’s no secret that summertime humidity ranges from “unbearable” to “hard-to-breathe” here in the Southeast. In your home, humidity isn’t just annoying, it can actually be destructive. One of your roof’s primary jobs is to regulate the humidity levels in your attic. That’s incredibly difficult for it to do if your roof’s ventilation wasn’t installed correctly, or if there’s too much or too little venting to begin with. It’s been a particularly humid summer in the Atlanta area which means older, improperly vented homes are at higher risk of mold and mildew collection in the attic than ever; organic growth in your attic can actually make your family sick. Call a local roofing professional today to determine whether or not the ventilation system in your attic is optimal.

Heavy Rainfall Takes a Toll on Your Roof 
We’ve already had over 15 inches of rain here in metro Atlanta this summer, far more than the seasonal average. All that rain is great for lake levels, but it’s hard on your roof. Excess water can cause backups on your roof – particularly if your gutters are already clogged – which means water has nowhere to go but inside your house. A sagging or otherwise uneven roof also creates the perfect surface for water collection; standing water on your roof almost always leads to water intrusion. If you’ve noticed drips, drops, or other leaks pop up this summer, rest assured winter is going to make things much, much worse. Now’s the time to have your roof inspected, repaired, and even replaced if need-be.

Storms Can Cause External Damage
Thunderstorms may be atmospheric, but they’re usually accompanied by high winds, driving rain, and occasionally even tree-felling lightning. (And don’t even get us started on hail!) Summer is the number one season in which roofs are damaged suddenly, from falling limbs to blown-off shingles to pock marks created by hailstones. Even if the damage seems minor from the ground it’s imperative you have a recently damaged roof inspected by a professional. It’s what you can’t see – torn decking, dented flashing, cracked shingles – that allows water into your home over time. If you have any cause to suspect your roof’s been damaged this summer, reach out for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Relentless Sunshine Takes its Toll
The summer sun here in Georgia is…hot. Your roof takes the brunt of the sun’s rays, particularly if your house doesn’t have a lot of tree cover. What does all that direct sun do to your roof? It dries it out, and dryness inevitably leads to cracking. Once your shingles, your rubber underlayer, and any other component of your roof starts to crack, water can get in. Even if your roof hasn’t been subject to direct damage, be sure you’re having it inspected each and every year to detect any tell-tale signs it’s time to reseal or replace. Fall is an ideal time to do so.

Summer’s been hard on your roof. 
Call your friends at Accent Roofing for a fast, fair evaluation. We’ve been Georgia’s premiere roofing company for over 30 years so we know a thing or two about what these hot southern summers do to your roof.


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