Accent Roofing Service is a roofing company based near Athens, GA. If you need a roof replaced or repaired, our customers will tell you that we are one of the preeminent roofing contractors in the Northeast Georgia area. Professionals contractors in the Athens area are not hard to find. However, unlike some others, Accent Roofing specializes in roofing projects, with our focus being on residential roofing options.

We are not a contractor that does a bit of everything. We are a roofing company that does roofing only. Homeowner roofing is our expertise and we do all we can to be the go-to roofing contractor for Athens and the surrounding communities. Our team of roofing professionals at Accent will provide you with the finest roofing options and take care of the entire process from start to finish. You will receive a top-quality, long-lasting roof at a fair price in which you will be satisfied.

Roofing problems are not always easy to detect, and they can often lead to expensive repairs if left untreated. That’s why it’s important to know who to call when you need roof repair for Athens, GA, and the surrounding communities. Accent Roofing Services is a trusted roofing company that serves local communities including the Athens area. We provide quality roof repair services at affordable prices. We would love to speak with you about any of your roofing needs and offer the best-customized solution for you.

Accent Roofing Service stands as one of the area’s premier roofing contractors in the southeast’s roofing industry. We can provide you with quality choices when it comes to roofing installation, asphalt shingles, repairs from storm damage, and many other roofing services. All of our roofing services are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. Our professionals can help you select the most appropriate materials for your property and budget. We will also offer the best possible solutions for your residential roofing requirements.


Providing roof repair and other services to Athens, GA is a privilege for us. Located just 65 miles Northeast of Atlanta, GA and with a population of over 127,000 Athens is the sixth-largest city by population in the state. Anytime we get to serve and interact with individuals in the “Classic City” we consider it an honor. Athens is a city with a great heritage, a tremendous blend of culture, and a great place to live or do business. Being home to the 2021 College Football National Champion, Georgia Bulldogs is a tremendous and well-deserved point of pride for the city.

The University of Georgia campus brings life and freshness to many aspects of this city. Athens is the home of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, the Georgia Museum of Art, and a world of other points of interest and events. We are proud to offer our roof repair services to Athens, GA.


At Accent Roofing Services our team of roofing specialists will work toward providing roof repair or replacement for long-lasting solutions. We can provide this for all of your residential roofing needs. Each home can call for customized service to that particular structure and that is exactly what we will provide. Much of the time Athens roofing for homeowners will be shingle roofs including some types of architectural shingles.

Roofs may require minor repairs at times or sometimes wear or damage can warrant a total roof replacement. We understand the importance of keeping your roof in good condition. We want to help you maintain it so that you don’t have to worry about any potential damages down the road.

We take pride in the exemplary looks, curb appeal, and durability that results from our residential roofing services. When your Athens, GA home needs roof repair you will find that we can give you exactly what you need.

The residential roof surface is generally free of obstacles directly on it, with the exception of solar panels, etc. You will find the usual chimneys, vent stacks, and occasionally skylights. However, navigating the steep pitch that can be found on a residential roof must be done with extreme caution and precision. Our team is well trained and can be counted on.

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If you start noticing that your shingles are beginning to buckle, curling, or cracking, then you need to have our roof inspected soon. Remember that we provide free assessments and will be glad to inspect your shingles and provide you with cost-effective recommendations if we find a problem.

Also, if you notice that the small granules on your shingles are disappearing more and more you should have a team of roofing experts take a look.

Definitely, if your shingles are actually falling apart or missing in some areas, you should call a professional roofer immediately.

Although we don’t advise the average customer to get up on their roof, if you find out that the surface of your roof feels spongy or has a bit of a bouncy feel, then you very well might require a new roof.

Trained Roofing Specialists for Athens, GA

When you make a decision to call Accent Roofing Services you can be confident that you are calling on experienced professionals in planning the job and the actual installation process. Your roof is one of the most important components of the life of your home.

At Accent Roofing Services we would encourage you to rely on those who have demonstrated the knowledge, ability, and decision-making skills when it comes to a roof repair or roof replacement. We have decades of understanding of the complexity of the residential roofing industry. We are equally equipped to handle new roofs for home construction projects and re-roofing the existing structure.

Our team is professionally trained and ready to accomplish your goals for the roof of your home or business structure. You can know that you are putting an integral part of your home in the hands of a team of professionals who will stand by their work.


We provide knowledgeable and expert consultations for your Athens roofing project – whether you have loose shingles, need additional roofing repair, or a full roof replacement. We’ll inspect all aspects of your roof, whether it’s at home or business, to determine whether it needs to be replaced or if it only requires minor repairs.

You can be confident that we will assess your situation and give you every possible option that we have to repair or replace your roof. Our team will assist you in making the best decision as we plan for and install the necessary components of your roof.

You can count on Accent Roofing Services for excellent customer care, craftsmanship, and competitive pricing. We will do everything possible to give you a quality product and installation that is within your budget. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the finest roof repair or replacement available in Athens, GA.

As a family-owned business, we are locally owned and operated and have been serving homeowners in the North Georgia area for more than three decades.


So, when it comes to a roof repair or replacement in the Athens, GA area, you can rely on Accent Roofing Services. If you choose a roofing option provided by our company you can be confident that members of the entire crew we provide you will be trained and ready for the task.

We send project managers to all of our roof installation sites that are highly knowledgeable and experienced in residential roofing projects and are experts in advising you about roofing materials in general, and specifically shingle roofs.

With Accent Roofing Service there is no need for concern that you will get poor quality roofing materials. We only use shingle manufacturers that can provide roofing companies like us with extremely high-quality roofing materials for our clients.

We guarantee that our services are efficient and reliable. We stand by our products with excellent warranties on the products and installation.

Let us work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best possible service. Contact us today at 706-920-6322 for a free consultation!


If you can visually see that you have some sort of roofing problem or you even suspect that you might just because of the age of the roof, don’t put off having your roof inspected

With Accent Roofing Service you can take advantage of our professional roofers who will give you the total rundown on the actual condition of your roof.

Sometimes well-meaning homeowners will procrastinate in terms of their roof inspection because they fear the cost of a new roof should that turn out to be a solution. Just remember that every roof problem does not require that you have the roof replaced. Many times there are repairs that can be made that can allow additional years of service before you replace the roof.


In addition, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need a new roof, then we have options for you to have affordable payment plans that can get the roof over your head that you need. We work with Mosaic, which has provided financing for the roofing industry for many years.

Give us the opportunity to inspect your roof and then we will do everything that we can to make it as affordable for your budget as possible. Don’t take the risk that more costly water damage might be done to your home in the future. Depend on us to help you find an affordable option to get a new roof or get your current roof in the best shape possible!


At Accent Roofing Service quality work is in our DNA. We are happy to serve the Athens area and surrounding communities as a professional roofing contractor with many awards and honors.

We are fully insured, can help you with issues with your insurance company, and have some of the strongest warranties that are available in the roofing business. We will also do everything for a fair price and you will find us to be on par and competitive with any roofing contractor in the Athens area.


Do you suspect that your roof has aged too much? Are you afraid that you may have hail damage? Or, maybe you have never considered regular inspections or regular maintenance for your roof. By making a call to us you may be able to make a repair and put off a full replacement for a while. Why wait when you would be glad to inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate?

However, if you do find that you need a new roof, we will give you the best price possible and also help you get that roof over your head if you need financing. Our professional team can answer questions about roofing financing that is available to you with terms you can afford.

Our promise to you is that from our office staff to the onsite manager to the actual team of professionals who does your installation is this> You can trust that Accent Roofing Service will do an excellent job in a professional manner.

We are a professional roofing company that is committed to good character, and ethics, and we will not compromise our integrity to save a buck. We have worked for decades to gain a trustworthy reputation and we don’t intend to lose that!

Get in touch with Accent Roofing Service today. We will handle the entire process and are committed to serving the community of Athens, GA, and the surrounding areas. Top-quality roofs, putting customers first, and standing by our word are just a few of our trademarks.

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