Ice storms are the silent threats of winter. Particularly here in the Southeast, most people underestimate their home’s vulnerability to winter because “winter weather” in the south is relatively mild. That means homes here are often even more unprepared for ice, snow, and other hazardous precipitation.

What to Know Before an Ice Storm
There are actually a few things you can and should do before an ice storm to protect your roof. By far the best course of action is to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer at least once a year. Doing so ensures all the components of your roofing system are ready for inclement weather, from your shingles to your gutters. If you have any damaged or missing shingles, aim to replace them before a weather event so water won’t be able to penetrate the roof.

After an Ice Storm
Once an ice storm is over and the ice has (mostly) melted away, it’s important to check your roof for damage. Always do so from the ground, where conditions are safe. Even if there doesn’t appear to be any obvious damage, it’s always best to call a local roofing company like Accent Roofing to know for sure. Even hard-to-see damage can result in massive water issues.

Here are some of the most common damages that can result from ice storms:

  •  Missing, split, or cracked shingles can result from falling ice or slushy rain
  • Dented metal, particularly on gutters and flashings
  • Missing granules that were knocked off by freezing rain or falling ice
  • “Bruised” shingles that can eventually crack and allow water to penetrate
  •  Gutters that were bent, misaligned, or otherwise punctured by ice

    What to do About Ice Damage
    If you can see any damage from the ground, call in a professional roofer right away; the longer you wait to repair cracked shingles and other vulnerable roofing layers, the more likely your home is to suffer from serious water damage.

    Even if you can’t detect any damage, it’s important to contact a roofer to ensure there’s no underlying damage. Doing so may protect your ability to file a homeowner’s insurance claim…a great roofing company will even help file insurance paperwork on your behalf! The sooner you call, the sooner you’re likely to get an appointment – remember that roofers get busy after particularly serious ice events!

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