Considering a roof replacement in Georgia? NOW is the time!

Fall is actually the ideal time of year roof replacement in Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, and all over North Georgia. It’s Accent Roofing’s busiest re-roofing season year after year…here’s why.

Fall Weather in GA is Wonderful
Who doesn’t love the fall color in north Georgia? Our beautiful autumns aren’t just good for leaf-peepin’ and football, they also create the perfect foundation for exterior residential roofing work. Fall weather is predictable, and when it rains it’s generally more of a light sprinkle than a heavy soak. The cool air also makes it far easier for roofers to work for long stretches of time – summer sun is not a roofer’s friend! The faster your roof can be replaced, the less “exposed” your home will be for any length of time. Good weather means quicker roof replacement.

Seal Up Tight Before Winter Sets In
Fall’s temperatures here in Georgia are moderate: they’re neither the coldest or the warmest of the year. That means when your new roof is installed it can be sealed based on average material size; expansion and contraction happen naturally during serious temperature swings. It’s best to seal a new roof when conditions are dry, too, and fall actually offers some of the lowest rainfall totals of the entire year here in our region. By replacing your roof in fall, new shingles and other roofing components have time to properly bond before winter’s wet conditions set in.

A New Roof Improves the Efficiency of Your HVAC
Odds are, you’ll be running your heat quite a bit in wintertime. Roof replacement by a local roofing contractor is actually one of the best ways to improve the performance of your entire heating system. Newer roofs are far more energy efficient than they were even ten years ago; they’re better sealed, better insulated, and depending on the roofing material you choose, may even help convert the sun’s rays into heat. You may even currently be eligible for a federal tax credit if you choose to install an Energy Star certified roof!

Think Beyond Your Roof
One of the biggest benefits of replacing your roof anytime of year is having a professional roofer assess your entire system. Don’t forget: Your roof doesn’t function alone. Components like your gutters, your flashing, and even your chimney all work in harmony to keep your home insulated and leak-free. When you have your roof replaced, talk to your local roofer about what’s working and what’s not. For example, you may decide to change the layout of your gutter’s downspouts based on a recurring pooling issue near your foundation. Considering your roof holistically is the best way to ensure you’re installing a solution that will last.

Need a new roof in Georgia? Accent Roofing is your residential roofing specialist in Lawrenceville, Grayson, Dacula, and beyond. We’ve repaired and replaced thousands of north Georgia roofs…we understand the conditions here because we live here, too!

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