Roof leaks happen to every kind of roof. Whether you’ve got a metal roof, a slate roof, or a traditional asphalt shingle roof, leaks are bound to occur if you don’t invest in proper maintenance and roof repair when needed.

Here at Accent Roofing, we see all-too-many preventable leaks. We’re some of the most experienced roofing contractors in Grayson, Lawrenceville, and all over North Georgia, and here are the parts of your roof we advise you keep a close eye on

What constitutes a “valley?” Your roof probably has many valleys, the intersection of two or more roof planes. Depending on whether your valleys are lined with metal flashing or rolled roofing, this is likely where your roof is most vulnerable. Water can seep in through cracks in the flashing and if your roof isn’t sloped properly, valleys are also vulnerable to pooling.

Your roof has a variety of flashings. Head wall flashings keep water from seeping in where a vertical wall meets your roof, either behind siding or in front of brick. Wall step flashings are installed where roofs “climb” up vertical walls, and they shouldn’t really be visible. Flashing – essentially the stop-gap between water and your interior – is your final line of defense against leaks.

Your chimney may not be as leak-proof as you think! Chimneys usually implements several different kinds of flashing to keep water out, including something called “counterflashing.” Caulk and improper soldering can lead to big problems down the road; just a hairline crack can allow vast amounts of water inside.

Plumbing/Furnace Vents
Plumbing and furnace flashings are meant to keep water from intruding where a plumbing pipe or exhaust vent juts out of your roof, but added components like metal storm collars can make them prone to issues. Rubber seals called “boots” can rot over time leaving you vulnerable to moisture if not replaced completely.

Dormers are a common architectural features on homes here in Georgia. Unfortunately, if dormers aren’t properly sealed, water can get between the corner boards and siding or underneath the flashing itself. Water can even get in through particularly porous knots in the wood!

Do you have signs of a roof leak? If you’ve noticed your attic feels muggier than usual or that your ceilings have small water spots, contact a roof repair specialist in Lawrenceville or near your home.

Accent Roofing has decades of experience repairing roof leaks in Georgia. Whether you’ve got a serious water issue or a small-scale moisture intrusion, our professional technicians can help. We promise to be on time, no-pressure, and always trustworthy. It’s just the Accent way.

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