The first conversation you’ll probably ever have with a potential roofer is likely going to happen over the phone. It can be hard to get a sense of who’s professional, who’s reliable, and who’s worth investing further time in.

At Accent Roofing, we’ve worked with hundreds of customers who have been “burned” by unprofessional or, worse, unscrupulous roofing companies they didn’t know how to properly vet. At the end of the day, we want everyone in need of roofing services in north Georgia to end up with the fit that’s right for them. Here are our suggestions for exactly what to ask a roofer over the phone.

What is your legal business name?
Any reputable roofer will be able to give you an answer to this question quickly. It’s fine if a roofer doesn’t necessarily do business as his business name, like in a situation where his company’s legal name is “”ABC Roofing Tristate Incorporated” but he generally markets as “ABC Roofing.” In fact, Accent Roofing is so well-known here in Georgia as the “Leaksmith,” some people even think that’s our business name from time to time! What’s not okay is for a roofer to give you a convoluted or cagey answer that leaves you questioning how exactly to confirm they are who they say they are.

What kind of insurance do you have?
Did you know that here in Georgia, all contractors are required to have liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000? It’s important that the roofing company you choose is fully insured, and ideally even more than the state minimums. When asked, your roofer should be able to send you a copy of their policy easily. Beware any roofer who answers this question with something confusing like, “Well, my company’s not insured but all my guys are, so don’t worry!”

Who will be working on my roof?
You’d be shocked how many Georgia roofing companies use subcontractors to do all their roof work! There’s nothing inherently wrong with this practice, but you should certainly know ahead of time. You don’t wait to be expecting ABC Roofing to show up and have the XYZ & Sons truck pull up. Ask your potential roofing partner who, exactly, will be handling your job, and who you can expect to be on site. They may not have the complete schedule right then and there, but they should even give you specific employees’ names.

Can you refer me to any recent referrals I can contact?
It’s easy enough to look up a roofer on Google or Angie’s List but how your roofer answers this question is most important. If they hesitate or seem unable to come up with any (recent!) referrals, consider that a red flag. Great roofers leave long lists of happy clients in their wake and are more than happy to let them speak for them. You might even expect to be pointed to a testimonials page on the roofer’s own website.

Can you give me a price right now?
Highly experienced roofers know it’s impossible to come up with a detailed, accurate quote over the phone. Without ever having seen a property in person, how can a roofer know the specifics of materials? Scope? Access? A roofer who’s willing to give you a hard-and-fast price for your job before ever stepping foot on your property is trying to make a sale, not provide you with quality workmanship.

Accent Roofing knows that happy customers are our best advocates. We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision about who works on your roof. It’s one of the most important components of your home.

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