Homeowners understand the importance of making sure that the roof on your home is in great shape and provides the protection you need is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your home. Whether you have a roof of asphalt shingles or other materials it’s good to have a quality roofing company available. It’s our hope that your roofing contractor for Loganville, GA will be Accent Roofing Services.

It’s easy for us to literally take for granted the roof over our heads. However, we know that the roof protects our families and our possessions also. Your home roof is an extremely valuable investment. For residential roofs in the Loganville area, Accent Roofing Service can provide free roof inspections just to make sure that you have no roof damage that could cause roof leaks and lead to more costly roof repairs in the future.

We are a family-owned company that is laser-focused on providing residential roofing for homeowners in our service area of Northeast Georgia, including the Loganville area. It is our goal to help families keep a most valuable investment – their home’s roof – in top condition. We have served the metro Atlanta area for over 3 decades and are BBB accredited with an A+ rating.


Named after James H. Logan, the history of Loganville, GA extends back to its first town charter issued by the state of Georgia in 1887. Keeping a small-town feel, Loganville’s simple three-word theme “Where People Matter” speaks to the heart of the Loganville mindset. It is a community that takes pride in the appearance of its residential areas and its ability to provide an atmosphere in which the business community can thrive.

Located in western Walton County and extending west into southeastern Gwinnett County, Loganville has grown from a very small town of just a few thousand to over 14,000 currently. The city is a vibrant mix of young families, retirees, and professionals who work in the Atlanta area but enjoy the slower pace and suburban feel that Loganville offers.

Whether you are picking strawberries at the popular Washington Farms property or enjoying a meal at one of the fine local Loganville restaurants, this is an area of our state that is very attractive for residents and businesses.

Residents of this area take pride in their community, and the relationships built. It offers unique business opportunities which include national retail and restaurant chains combined with locally-owned specialty and niche shopping and a choice of dining experiences. 


With the current cost of homes, you will want to take every measure to make sure that your home is covered. You want it covered, quite literally, by a roof that will protect you and your possessions from the external elements. You will want a first-rate roofing contractor for Loganville.

That’s where Accent Roofing Service comes in. We are a full-service residential roofing company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our qualified and experienced professionals can provide you with the best roof replacement possible. We use only top-of-the-line materials. You can always reach us at 706-920-6322.


At Accent Roofing Service we realize that you have quite a few choices in the roofing industry. It’s not our objective to criticize or demean the services of quality competitors. We understand that there are other professional roofers and roofing contractors that can provide materials and services for your roofing needs.

However, when it comes to roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repairs we would encourage you to choose an experienced residential roofing contractor in the Loganville, GA area. Choose a roofing company that has many years of experience, expertise, and quality products to offer you.

Don’t be tempted to opt for inferior workmanship or products from those who are not equipped to provide you with the proper roofing solutions. Let Accent Roofing Service provide you with a free inspection and a free estimate for your future projects including general roof repair or a roof replacement.

It’s our hope that you will choose a company that will plan, budget, and execute your roofing project in the most efficient and excellent way possible. Accent Roofing can provide you with such service because of the experience that each of our roofing professionals brings to the table.


As your premier roofing contractor for Loganville, GA we will do any required roofing repairs or a full roof replacement if needed. Our team of roofing professionals can provide you with the best quality residential roofing options in the industry.

Not only can we provide the highest quality and durable roofing for the long-term protection of your home, but we can also provide colors and styles that can transform the look of your home. Our large number of verified reviews demonstrate that we are focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

Accent Roofing Service will install a beautiful, custom residential roof that meets our high standards of quality in the materials used, including top-grade shingles. We will also provide you with a first-rate team of professional roofers for the installation process.

When the team of Accent Roofing Service professionals arrives at your home you can be assured that they are well trained and properly equipped for your roof repair or replacement.


It can happen in an instant. High winds from a Northeast Georgia storm can strip shingles off of your roof, cause damage from falling trees, or extensively damage your home with hail. At Accent, we are experts in storm damage repair.

Accent Roofing Service can quickly serve your needs if you experience storm damage. Call on our experienced team for a free inspection to assess any damage that you see from a major storm. Also, if you suspect hail damage or any other unseen damage after a storm, don’t hesitate to call in order for us to come and check it out.

We will quickly begin the needed repairs and provide you with the best price possible. Remember that many instances such as storm damage and other such occurrences will most likely be covered by your insurance company.

So, we are ready to serve if you experience storm damage from high winds or if you need hail damage repair or a roof replacement. We strive to be a smart choice for any type of roof damage and we invite you to let Accent Roofing Service be your go-to company as you choose Loganville roofers.



Since most homeowners or business owners are not roofing professionals you can count on the team at Accent Roofing Service to provide you with the proper guidance and help in decision-making in every part of a roofing project. Our team will make an assessment based on decades of experience and the availability of our top roofing specialists and modern equipment.

For any of your roofing needs, if our team assesses that you have minimal damage that can be handled by doing a roof repair, then that is what we will do. You can count on the fact that you won’t experience hard sales tactics from our team for products or services that you don’t really need. However, if the roof has been damaged or worn beyond its capacity to protect your home, then we will advise you correctly on a full roof replacement.

In our 30 years of service, we have developed a level of trust with our customers and they know that there will be no price gouging. They understand that our team will give you the most reasonable, fair, and safe options in getting your roof back in excellent condition.

Call Accent Roofing today at 706-920-6322!


Many problems on a homeowner’s roof may not be detected from a ground perspective. That’s why we encourage people to get our free inspection. Let us have a look at your roof at no cost to you. If we find your roof to be in good shape, then you will have that peace of mind.

If we find any problems in which you should be concerned, we will provide our honest assessment and a free estimate of the repair or replacement. For those who haven’t had someone inspect their roof in quite some time, we encourage them to allow a roofing company like ours to have a look. Problems with your roof that can’t be seen from the ground can cause unseen roof leaks and water damage that will only be more expensive in allowed to go unchecked.

Some homeowners will delay having their roof inspected for fear of a costly roof repair or replacement. We would encourage our customers in four ways if financial concerns stand in the way of keeping their roof in good shape.

  1. Accent Roofing Service will give you a great price on any roof repair or replacement
  2. Remember that in many damage cases, such as hail damage repair, your insurance company may pay for the costs.
  3. If you have roof damage or a worn-out roof that is not covered by insurance, we can provide you with financing options with low monthly installment payments.
  4. Our family-owned and extremely professional team of roofing specialists will do everything possible to provide you with a roof that is affordable for your budget.


We would love to be your roofing contractor in Loganville. However, we don’t ask that you simply trust what we say or what you read here. Our long line of top-quality service has been demonstrated in the marketplace.

Accent Roofing Service won Angi’s Super Service Award 9 years in a row. We also received the Best Of Gwinnett for 7 straight years and received the 2021 Guild Quality Guildmaster award.

We carry with us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we are able to supply you with the top warranties that you will find in the roofing industry. Accent Roofing will provide liability and worker’s compensation. We also make sure that we have on-site project managers that will oversee each of our roof replacement projects.

Our team works hard to be deserving of your trust and will not take that for granted. For these reasons, we are the highest-rated roofer in the south! Our goal is to provide the best service of any roofing contractors in the Loganville, GA area.

As we state many times, we focus on “the roof, the whole roof, and nothing but the roof!”


As mentioned, if the scope of the project requires additional funds for your budget we can provide alternative funding by financing through Mosaic, with whom we have worked for many years. Many homeowners are able to afford their simple terms and affordable payments to get a roof replaced with top-quality materials and workmanship.

We are proud to provide some of the most robust warranties in the residential roofing industry. Knowing that you are dealing with a company that provides the best warranties can help give you the peace of mind that you need on your roof replacement project.

Why not give Accent Roofing Service a call today at 706-920-6322? There is nothing to lose with a free consultation.

You will experience kind and professional people who work with top-quality materials, some of the best prices in the area, and also stand by their work with some of the best warranties in the business.

Let us work for you to give you the best quality and longest-lasting roof available!

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