Accent Roofing provides quality roofing services to homeowners in metro Atlanta. Roof repair in Alpharetta, Georgia, and surrounding areas is a critical need for our clients. We take pleasure in offering high-quality roofing services to homeowners. It is our goal to assist you whether your roof was damaged by a storm or is just aging.

We are a company that stands ready to provide you with excellent products and quality workers for your roofing needs in Alpharetta. What we bring to the table at Accent Roofing Service displays the excellence of a company that has been in existence for over 30 years.

Why use an untrusted brand when you can have your roofing needs met by a solid, reputable company near you? We can provide the Alpharetta area with the finest in asphalt shingle repair and installation. Our experienced teams will do your re-roofing or storm damage repairs. We will also advise you as you make the best decision about your home or business roofing project.

As a part of the metro-Atlanta area in northern Fulton County, it’s hard to believe that this community now has over 70,000 in population! Experience the history of The Downtown Alpharetta Historic District in the center of town. You may also enjoy a walk or jog on the Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway. This is a city that provides many people with a great quality of life.

We are here to help you maintain that quality of life by keeping you literally confident of the roof over your head! We would love to be the go-to business and friends for all of your residential roofing needs, large and small.


The quality of our workmanship is represented by the quality of craftsmen that we employ. We will provide you with great experienced roofing experts to help you make proper decisions about your roofing needs. We will then take the project to completion for a repair of your roof in the Alpharetta area.

Licensed and insured in the state of Georgia, the staff of Accent Roofing Service will treat your property with the respect it deserves. Our experience, skills, and proper products will be used to protect and enhance the look and value of your structure.


The team at Accent Roofing Service will help you determine the best solution for your roofing needs and develop a project plan to meet your budget and timeframe. We will provide you with a free consultation. However, even more so we provide you with the best roofing knowledge that will contribute to the wisest solutions for your project.

As a full-service roofing company, we can take care of every detail from start to finish. We will provide you with every alternative that we have available to give you the protection and beauty of a well-developed roof for your new or existing structure.

Look no further than Accent Roofing Service for roof repair in Alpharetta (or the surrounding areas). We will thoroughly inspect all aspects of your home’s roof to see if it requires replacement or merely minor repairs. Roofs can require maintenance at times to keep them in the best shape, so get a free estimate from us right now for any work that may be required.


The unexpected can happen at any time. Storms can come in with a fury. You may have heavy rainfall accompanied by high winds. As a result of those, or just as a result of rotting trees, you could have damage to your roof when it’s least expected.

We want to be there for you in those times when you need quick roof repair in Alpharetta. We will act quickly to bring you solutions to keep your home or business safe and dry. Many people try dangerous do-it-yourself solutions and can extend the damage, and even worse, get injured themselves. That’s not something we want for you or your family. We are standing by waiting for your call when you need us!

Accent will come out quickly to assess the situation, tarp your roof if necessary, and provide a fast repair service that will give you back the confidence of being protected.


Our team of professionals is trained to give you popular choices in modern roofing for your family’s home. We understand that if you employ a roofer for your home, you are entrusting a vital part of your home structure to our team.

We take that very seriously and are here to help you with any questions or concerns you have about your home’s roofing, including the installation and products. Accent Roofing Service works with major construction materials manufacturers to ensure that we can get the best roofing materials at reasonable rates. This allows us to give you options for your budgetary needs as well. We will offer you strong, enduring materials that will last for years.

Even in the most serious of roof damage problems, we will do everything in our power to replace or make repairs to your roof with the minimum of interference from our experienced teams of roofers.

We can provide you with the latest modern and up-to-date residential roofing resources for Alpharetta.


The shingle manufacturer offers product warranties ranging from 10 years to a lifetime (50 years).

In addition, Accent Roofing Services will guarantee our work as we offer an additional warranty for our workmanship that ranges from 5 years to a lifetime for entire roof installations and three months to a full year on roof repair.

The warranty covers materials and labor for the life of the warranty. You can be assured that our products and services can help bring peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by a roof that is strong and dependable.


We can help you walk through any claims processing for repairs or replacements that are covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Let us advise you in the process of receiving the funds from the insurance company.


Accent roofing will provide our customers in Alpharetta and surrounding areas the finest quality roofing services around.

We are here for you! If you are in Alpharetta or the surrounding areas, please consider us as your partners and friends in the roofing business. Call us today at 770-790-3955 or click the button on this page for a quote.

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