Hail storms are all too common here in Georgia. They happen when thunderstorms occur in tandem with strong updrafts, forcing layered ice particles to fall to the ground. Mostly, though, they happen when it’s inconvenient.

If you’ve never experienced property damage after a hailstorm, count yourself lucky. In 2016 alone there were over 5,600 “major” hail storms causing over $3.5 billion in damage across the U.S. Much of the damage was done to commercial and residential structures that needed significant roof repair.

Here at Accent Roofing, we’re never busier than after a hail storm. As a Lawrenceville roofing contractor, we’ve repaired thousands of hail-damaged roofs across North Georgia. Here’s what you should do immediately after a hail storm.

Inspect the Damage
Once it’s safe to go outside, take a walk around your property. You can often see hail damage to your roof from the ground, from missing shingles to pock-marked flashing. If you notice visible signs of damage from below, it’s imperative to call a roofing contractor in Suwannee, Johns Creek, or Grayson immediately to ensure water can’t get in. If the storm was serious but you don’t see damage, you may still have latent issues that require roof repair.

Look for Signs
Hail damage to residential roofing looks different from property to property. On asphalt roofs (common here in Georgia), damage often appears in the form of cracked or missing shingles, granule loss, or exposed fiberglass mat. Some damage might only be noticeable by a local roofing contractor walking the roof, such as loose self-seal strips or cracked fiberglass mats.

Call a Roofing Contractor
Accent Roofing is often called in to perform roof repair in Suwannee, Lawrenceville, Grayson and elsewhere after a large hail storm. Once a contractor is on site, they’ll typically talk with you about damage you’ve noticed then perform a thorough inspection of your roof and related systems. From there, you should receive a written estimate of damage and a timeline for roof repair or roof replacement, if necessary.

Understand the Damage
Hail damage can be surprisingly detrimental to the structural integrity of your roof. Missing shingles and/or cracked mats can allow moisture to seep into your home. Although on the surface it may appear that individual shingles can simply be replaced, severe damage may mean an entire roof replacement is necessary to properly protect your home. If your roof was ageing or in disrepair, the extent of the damage is likely to be worse.

Discuss Insurance Provisions
In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of hail-caused roof repairs or, in the most severe situations, roof replacement. A reputable local roofing contractor may even be able to work directly with your insurance provider to minimize the paperwork and logistical hurdles you incur. If you plan to file a claim, expect an insurance adjuster to visit your property and possibly inspect your roof themselves. They may also ask to speak directly with your roofing contractor to better understand the extent of the damage.

Have hail stones damaged your roof? Accent Roofing is your Lawrenceville roof repair specialist and we work all over North Georgia to provide fast, reliable service.

After a hailstorm, give us a call immediately at 770-277-4869.

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