Spring is one of the best times of year to replace your roof. Why? Because summer is just around the corner!

Your Roof as a Cooling Mechanism
Did you know your roof actually plays a pretty significant role in the functionality of your home’s HVAC system? Here in Georgia, summers get hot, so having a well-maintained, light-reflecting roof is one of the easiest ways to ensure your air conditioning can do its job.

The more efficient your roof is, the more efficiently your air conditioning will cool your home. A well-ventilated roof ensures hot air won’t stay trapped inside your attic space, and also keeps hot air out. The composition of your roof also plays a big role in keeping your home cool. Reflective roofs, for example, can easily be 10-40 degrees cooler than traditional roofs because their shingles are made to reflect the sun’s heat. If your HVAC bills are getting higher and higher each year, it might be time to consider a new roof.

Replacing Your Roof Saves You Money
A roof replacement is a big investment. Putting off a roof replacement to “save” yourself money, though, is never a good idea. Over time, the problems your roof has now will only get worse if left untreated; for many homeowners, the money they’ll save cooling their homes can make a huge dent in the overall cost of a new roof.

Once you decide to replace your roof, working with a reputable local roofer is always a good idea. They’ll know the particular weather patterns in your area and also the foliage your roof will need to withstand. They can also tell you what kind of replacement materials are most popular in your area.

Why Replace Your Roof in Spring?
Spring is actually the ideal season to replace your roof for several reasons. After daylight savings time hits, daylight hours will last longer which gives professional roofers more time to get their jobs done. Additionally, you may not need to use your HVAC system here in Georgia much during the spring, a plus when replacing your roof means your home won’t be airtight for the better part of a day.

Spring rains are obviously one of the only concerns when it comes to roof replacement this time of year, but they’re usually relatively predictable. A reputable roofer has the tools and equipment necessary to cover your home completely if a sudden shower strikes.

Are you ready for a new roof? Accent Roofing has replaced over 6,000 roofs in the North Georgia area. Our crews are highly-trained and experienced, and they’ve worked for us for years.

Whether you’ve got questions about what kind of roof will save you the most money on your HVAC bills or on whether or not a new roof is even necessary, call us today to talk it through.

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