Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing issues in Georgia. Here at Accent Roofing, we help hundreds of homeowners deal with roof leaks every year…that’s why they call us The Leaksmith!

Some roof leaks are easier to spot than others. It’s not impossible to have a leaking roof for weeks or even months before you notice something’s amiss. So, how can you tell if your roof is leaking? Here are a few tell-tale signs to look for.

Dripping Water
If your house drips water when it rains, you have a leak! How “hard” rain is falling shouldn’t impact your roof’s ability to keep out moisture, so beware the thought pattern that a leaking ceiling is only caused by a particularly bad storm. Water in the interior of your home means mildew and mold aren’t far behind. Put down a bucket, call a local roofing specialist, and get an appointment on the books ASAP before your leak goes from bad to worse.

Water-Stained Ceilings
One of the easiest-to-spot signs of a slow roof leak is a water stain on the ceiling. Some stains are obvious, blob-shaped and brown around the edges; other stains are a little harder to detect and appear as darker areas of drywall, only visible in certain light. Once you notice a stain, you already have a pretty significant leak as water must travel through your attic space and insulation before it ever makes it to your ceiling. Call a professional roofer right away.

Your Exterior Walls Have Water Spots
Do you ever notice moisture on particular parts of your exterior walls? When moisture appears just below the roofline, you may have an issue with your roof’s flashing which is designed to cover the seams where your roof and exterior walls meet. If your flashing has worn out or shifted, water could be infiltrating your roof at the seams, slowly seeping down between your walls and your insulation. Be sure to have your flashing inspected once a year by a professional roofer to keep it performing how it should.

Missing Shingles
Your shingles are there as a last line of defense against water. Once they go missing, whole sections of your roof are woefully exposed to the elements and water is almost certainly making its way between the vital components of the structure. If you can stand on the ground and spot missing shingles on your roof, you’re inviting a leak to happen. A professional roofer can repair and replace missing shingles for less than you think and doing so could actually extend the overall lifespan of your roof.

Do you hear drips? Notice an unexplained mildew smell? Have mold in the attic? There are dozens of signs your roof could be allowing water in. Remember, “leaks” don’t always show up as slow vertical drips. Lots of leaks are stealthy, doing tons of damage before you even notice they’re there.

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