You called the experts, received a free estimate, and picked out your new shingles. Soon, a crew of professionals will be climbing all over your roof, pulling, tearing, and hammering away. Having your roof replaced may seem like a big ordeal, but a little preparation can ensure a smooth transition. 


When work begins, dust will stir inside your home. You’ll want to cover furniture, bedding, and clothing with cloth or plastic sheeting to protect your fabrics. Remove picture frames and mirrors from the walls and have them carefully stored. Chandeliers should be taken down if possible. If not, wrap them carefully with plastic sheeting to protect against falling dust and debris. If you store china or other breakables on wall-mounted shelving units, pack them away in bubble-wrap until the work is done. Loose nails or wall brackets can result in objects falling and breaking so it is better safe than sorry. 


Move outdoor patio furniture, grills, decorations, and potted plants as far away from the house as possible. Your roofers will need clear access to your roof and there is always the chance of falling debris. This means moving your garden gnomes to a safe distance–twenty feet away from your home, at least.

This rule also applies to vehicles. Your roofers may need access to your driveway. The experts at Leaksmith only use a portable “Driveway Friendly Trailer.” At the end of the work day, the trailer–and the trash –leave with the crew. Other companies use roll-off dumpsters that will sit there day and night until the project is complete. Roll-offs can also scratch and crack your pavement. 

Remove solar panels, TV antennas, and satellite dishes. Swimming pools and hot tubs should be covered in case of falling debris. It is also a good idea to cut your grass before work begins. This will make finding debris easier during the cleanup process.

While work is ongoing, remember to wear protective footwear when you venture outside. While the experts try to keep debris to a minimum, sometimes nails can come loose and become lost in your grass. Watch your step and wear shoes to be on the safe side.  


At Leaksmith, safety is a priority, however, accidents can happen. This is why children and animals should not be allowed to wander the site while work is in progress. You may want to consider isolating children and pets away from the activity or take the family on an outing to get away from the bustling environment. 

Family members with allergies may be especially susceptible during a roofing replacement. Not only does the project stir dust, but there is the possibility of uncovering mold or mildew. It is not uncommon, especially in older homes, to find spores in attics or crawlspaces. If these make it into a central air condition system, it will turn into a serious health risk. 

There will be a lot of noise during the replacement. If you have infants or pets who are easily startled, you will want to consider alternate lodging. If you or any of your family work night-shifts, you are not going to get the sleep you need during the day with all that noise. You might want to look for another place to lay your head. Thankfully, roofing replacements don’t take long. Your home should be back to normal in just a few days with a brand new roof!

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