When summer rolls around, people think about going to the beach, having a barbeque, or their upcoming vacations. The smart ones also think about having their roofs serviced. Whether it is a simple maintenance check, calling someone out to look at a possible leak, or getting the roof replaced, there are some very good reasons to look at summer as a great time to get your roof fixed. At Accent Roofing Service – The Leaksmith in Suwanee, GA, we fix roofs all year round, but here are some distinct advantages that summer has over the other seasons when it comes to roof repair. Check out these reasons for getting your roof done during the summer months.


Longer daylight hours means that more work can get done. When it comes to residential roof replacement, the more that a team can work on a house during the day, the more gets done. It’s logical. With the summer sun providing the appropriate light, the job gets done seemingly more quickly and still well. The work hours may be the same, but the work days will be smaller in number.


Typically speaking, summers are drier than other months. With fewer days or hours lost due to rainfall, summer provides more work hours for the job. So while the job may take the same number of hours in summer or winter, the additional work hours provided by more light and less precipitation helps the job seemingly get completed faster.


There’s a reason why people like to be outside in the summer, and it isn’t just because it is warm. The sun is a natural supplier of endorphins. These are the feel-good chemicals that are released during exercise and when a person is engaged in something meaningful. Some scientists believe that people happier people do better work. Employees are happy any time of the year, but the sun gives them an extra boost that translates into a job well done.


For a residential roofing contractor, summer is a great time to work. Of course, every contractor needs to make sure to take proper safety precautions so that your job gets done on time and without any problems. But you want to make sure that your roof is done right. For that, it doesn’t depend on what season the roof is repaired or replaced in. It depends on who does the work and how well they do it. Of course, summer is always a great time to get your roof repaired.

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