Our team at Accent Roofing Service is proud to serve more and more cities and areas in North Georgia. If you need a roofing contractor for Norcross, GA, we would love to be your first call! Our leaders at Accent Roofing Service love the people in this state. We have been committed to providing them with quality roofing services for over 30 years.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to meeting your every need for your roofing project. We offer a wide range of roofing services, from roof repairs to the installation of a new roof. We are confident that we can meet your roofing needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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With great pride, we offer Accent Roofing Service as the smart choice for new roofs and other roofing projects for the great city of Norcross, GA.

With a population of over 17,000, Norcross is a one-of-a-kind city with an incredible backstory. It began as a small summer resort area for Atlantans, and it is Gwinnett county’s second-oldest city. As of today, Norcross has grown into an economic engine for this region.

A pro-business environment is beneficial for businesses and Norcross allows local companies to thrive. Norcross offers a welcoming atmosphere and environment for residents and business owners.

Norcross also has a rich history in the arts and offers playful outdoor activities. If you enjoy history, you will love the local museums. If you enjoy art you will love the beautiful sculptures and murals in downtown Norcross. There is something for almost everyone in this lovely city. Accent Roofing welcomes the opportunity to be your go-to roofing contractor for Norcross, GA.


t a seemingly easy repair may be spotted from the ground, remember that the repair will not be made on the ground. Being on the roof is an entirely different work environment.

Even the most skillful workers who aren’t accustomed to working high up on a roof, especially a slanted roof, or carrying their tools up ladders can find themself badly injured with just the smallest mistake.

We encourage homeowners to enjoy themselves with safe home improvement projects that they can enjoy. However, roofing projects can bring on a level of danger. They can carry such risks that we do not encourage the average person to take.

We use the best in safety equipment, our crews can safely navigate every inch of your roof, and we want our customers to be safe and happy. Since we provide free estimates for our roof projects, why take the chance on your personal safety? Let us take a look at your roof and give you the best advice possible as a professional roofing contractor at no cost!


If at all possible it’s best not to try to create a temporary fix for your roofing problems. Obviously, if it is something very minor, we are not going to advise you to replace the entire roof. As we are serving Norcross and the surrounding areas we pledge to be honest, and not to oversell anyone on a roofing job that is not necessary.

We understand the need to save money. However, on the other hand, trying a quick fix can actually result in further roof damage in the future. This can also be a danger to the homeowner.


So, let us take a look at your roof at no cost and give you one of our free estimates. You are under no obligation and it is a no-lose situation for you! As a professional roofing contractor for Norcross, GA we will not only provide free estimates, but we will go through every option that we have for every homeowner with whom we serve.

We will do everything we can to give you the good price that you deserve. We will determine the best and most cost-effective roof replacement, repair, or any additional roofing services for homeowners in Norcross. As one of the top roofing contractors in the area we not only want to be the best roofer, but we also want to be the most trusted roofer and provide superior customer service.

Once again, it’s not our goal to oversell you with a roof replacement that is unnecessary. However, we will be totally honest with you. If trying a simple roof repair would cause you more trouble in the long term, we will tell you. Our goal is for the protection and satisfaction of the homeowner. We have developed a reputation of being an honest roofing company and one that can be trusted for all of your residential roofing services.

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We understand the concerns about the economy. Everyone is doing what they can to save money on any home improvement project, including professional roofing jobs.


1- First of all, you can be assured that we will provide great quality work to our customers at very reasonable prices. We will give you a great price to start with. With Accent Roofing Service you won’t be paying exorbitant prices that are unjustified for a local residential roofing company in the North Georgia area. You will be given a fair price. Period.

2- If you need a roof replacement or roof repair because of storms that have come through the Norcross, GA area, then your insurance may very well take care of all or a portion of the expense for the storm damage to your roof. Remember, homeowners normally have insurance policies that provide coverage for their roofs for several types of accidents. After we give you a free inspection and free estimate, we can help you provide the information to your insurance company if there is a chance that the project is eligible for coverage by your insurance.

3- At Accent Roofing Service, we are well aware of the nature of our economy and the strain on the pocketbooks of the average Georgian. However, we don’t want you to live with a roof that is not protecting you well and providing your good service.

Through a company called Mosaic, we are able to offer our customers low-cost installment loan payments if they need a roof replacement that might be otherwise unaffordable with today’s budgetary limitations. Give us the opportunity to help you obtain affordable financing terms in order to get that new roof that you need for the protection of your family and your possessions. These are easy-to-access, in-home, and paperless options to finance roofing services for our Norcross customers.

Homeowners may qualify for low monthly installment payments that can be up to 18 months same as cash. Mosaic can provide residents of Norcross with simple and affordable financing options that are priced competitively. Let us help get you good financing choices to get you under the roof you need and deserve! Mosaic has helped finance roofing jobs for over a decade working with our clients with much success. Simply ask your Accent Roofing Service representative about our financing options.


You may find roofing contractors all over the area that will provide you with free estimates and may do a nice job. However, if you compare quotes, remember to compare apples to apples. Make sure the company provides free estimates and then compare those itemized estimates with ours.

Ask questions about the grade and quality of the shingles that will be installed. Make sure that the roofing contractor has been serving Norcross for many years. Check with others who have used their services and make sure that they have a reputation for doing quality work. Also, look at their verified reviews on Google and other platforms and their history of service in residential roofing.

You will find that Accent Roofing Service has demonstrated the ability to do consistent quality roofing services for over 3 decades. You can know that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For many years have received many top awards in our area of the state.

Accent Roofing Service has been the recipient of the Angi’s Super Service Award for 9 consecutive years. We have won the best of Gwinnett Award 7 years in a row, and also the 2021 GuildQuality Guildmaster Award.

If you choose Accent Roofing Service you can be assured that our crews of roofing professionals are trained, experienced, and ready. They will provide you with a completed roofing job efficiently and quickly. However, they will only work as quickly as they can while maintaining the best craftsmanship.

Rest assured that we carry the type of liability insurance and worker’s compensation that are required for Norcross roofing contractors. We also provide onsite managers to oversee each roofing project. This will help assure that you get the finest workmanship and superior customer service.

We have some of the longest and most robust warranties that you will find in the roofing business. We have liability and worker’s compensation, plus you have to rest assured that we have on-site project managers who are there to oversee every roof replacement project. We do this to make sure that each roof replacement will be done with the highest quality of craftsmanship and professionalism.

Our shingles are of superior quality and we can help you choose the style that will make your house stand out.


Accent Roofing Service can provide your total roofing needs for your home project in Norcross, GA. Our team of professionals will help with anything from small roofing repairs, to full roof replacement. We also would love to work on your new roof construction as well.

Our staff from the office to the crew that will do your roof installation is 100% committed to giving you the best roofing job available in North Georgia. Let us provide you with our services for your next roofing project!

We look forward to working for you on your next residential roofing project! We guarantee the professional quality of service that you need in a professional roofing contractor for Norcross, GA.

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